Global Mapper v24.1

Generate a Grid / Points around a single point

I have Baseline points. Around these points I would like to generate a grid that is a at a specified distance. Lets say that this grid will be 10km x 10km. It should have a limited amount of rows and columns for-instance 3 x 3. Please see what I mean in the attached picture.

I can generate a Fishnet and then move the grids by hand but that will be labour intensive due to the amount of Baseline points I have.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    What version of Global Mapper are you using?

    It sounds like you want to start with a single point, and create a grid that is centered on that point.  Correct?

    Global Mapper has a function that allows you to create a grid, but the starting point is the upper-left corner of the grid.

    You can get what you want by performing the following steps:
    1. Select all of your baseline points, right-click and choose: Create Area/Polygon Feature | RANGE RING
    2. Click "Yes" to create range rings centered on the selected points
    3. On the Select Range Ring/Ellipse Parameters screen, type the radius for your grid (15 km in your example, since you want a 3x3 grid of 10 km cells), and click the check box to Create Bounding Rectangle(s) Instead of Ring(s)/Ellipse(s).
    4. Click OK.  This will create a square area feature around each point that is 30 km x 30 km.
    5. Select all of the areas you created above, right-click and choose: Advanced Feature Creation Options | Subdivide Area Quadrilateral.
    6. On the Subdivide Areas screen, choose the number of rows and columns, and click OK.
    7. On the Modify Feature Info screen, under Feature Area, choose the option to create a new layer to store the created features.  This will keep them separate from the boundary areas you created above.
    8. Click OK.  This will create a grid inside each of the boundary areas.