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Cannot get Lines to export properly as CSV or KMZ

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HELP!! I have 300+ lines (under one layer) which I am attempting to export, both as a CSV and KMZ. I have tried so many ways to get my data to export properly, and am beyond frustrated at this point.

Yes, I have it set to export all loaded data, and yes, -  I have the Line layer checked to "Allow export of that layer". 

When I attempt to export the lines as CSV, sometimes it says "No Point features found within the specified bounds".  ???? 

In the few times I've managed to get it to export, the CSV will only export the barest of information.  Why it sometimes allows export, and others not, I do not know - there is no clear pattern. Specifically, I am trying to export the Name of each line, the length, and attribute called Region, however I am only getting a summary of all regions.  Makes no sense.

I've also tried creating a layer statistic report, but I only get a lump summary of ALL lines.

With the KMZ, it exports the lines with "No Name" instead of the Line Names.  At least the attribute data is in the info bubble, but I can find no clear way to get the line to manifest with it's ACTUAL GIVEN NAME, so the kmz is useless. I have a vague recollection that the NAME of a feature won't manifest in a KMZ unless it is visible in GM (I typically have feature names hidden to simplify my workspace), so I made them visible, but this did not work either.

How, how HOW do I get all the info I see when I view the lines in "Search by attributes, Names and Descriptions" to export properly??  I can copy and paste it directly from there to notepad, but it has no proper formatting (all info is on one line), so again, useless.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

PS: I am using the March 3, 2016 build of Global Mapper 17.1 



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    Note that CSV files include points only.  No lines.
    You can use the Simple ASCII Text File format to export lines in text form.
    I usually need to edit these files to create a tabular format useful in a spreadsheet.  
    A macro or two will probably be useful here.  

    Exports of lines and labels to KMZ (and others) frequently expect a "Label" attribute.  
    When I have a spreadsheet of points and lines, there will be columns like:
    Easting, Northing, Elevation, Station, Line, Label

    The Label column may be simply a copy of Line, or you can create a more useful label from portions of the Station and Line values.  The GPX format can be used to export points that have the Label attribute, and can be imported into GPS receivers.  

    Note that lines exported to KMZ will typically have the endpoints on the topo surface, with the rest of the line perhaps in the air over lower terrain, or not visible while under the surface.  You can sample your lines at a reasonable (for you) interval, so the points will be on the surface more frequently.  You may have to export the points to csv, then import them as lines, and perhaps import them a second time as points, depending upon what labels you want to see, or not.  

    As usual, you need to work with a variety of files and programs to wind up with what you want.  Yes, when you have 300 lines to play with, you do want to be able to automate as many of the steps as you can.  Fortunately, you should not have to work with each line in turn, but process them as a set.  

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    Many thanks, Mykle!