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3D view question

Corsabrin Global Mapper User
I have an SRTM elevation file with a path profile. Along the path profile, there are several points, labelled as "1", "2", "3" and so on. These labels are visible on the 2d window.

When I render it in 3D, these labels are 'stuck' to the ground. Is there any way to display the labels otherwise?


  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    Answer ✓
    Hi Corsabrin,

    Not at this time. The labels appear as 'stuck' to the ground because they are drawn on the 2D view bitmap, which is then draped over the 3D elevation. We have an existing ticket for this adding true text display to the 3D viewer (#14503). I'll add your info to the ticket, and we'll post here when we've added the feature to Global Mapper.

    Best regards,

  • Corsabrin
    Corsabrin Global Mapper User
    Thanks for the info Jeff