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Now it is only possible to change the order of raster images by using "Control Center" and then right click and move up/down/top/bottom. Is it possible to add this option as a right-click menu on the actual map?

For instance when right-clicking anywhere on the map you get an option: Raster with a sub-meny: Move up/down/top/bottom with another sub-meny with the possible rasters at this area?

A right-click menu like this for the given coordinates:

-- Move to up
--- ImageOne.tif
--- ImageTwo.tif
-- Move to down
--- ImageOne.tif
--- ImageTwo.tif
-- Move to top
--- ImageOne.tif
--- ImageTwo.tif
-- Move to bottom
--- ImageOne.tif
--- ImageTwo.tif

Or a simpler way: Rightclick on a place and then a menu pops up with a list similar to "Overlay Control Center" but it only lists the images covering the selected coordinates.

Long explanation, but hope you understand:)


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    Most of the tools in Global Mapper already have functionality assigned to the right mouse button (i.e. zoom out in Zoom Tool, cycle selection in Feature Info Tool, etc.), so it would not be possible to add a context-sensitive right menu in those cases.


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