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Export KMZ and contours to PDF

I am probably missing some very basic setting but please bear with me.
I made a 3D model in Sketchup and exported in KMZ format. I then imported this KMZ to GM over some contour lines I generated in GM. It all looks good in GM but then I would like to export all to PDF, but when I try, the 3D model part doesn't show up in the PDF. I tried changing the order of the layers in GM and I also tried exporting to PDF just the DAE layer from the KMZ file, it doesn't show up either way.
What should I do to make it work?
Thanks in advance, best regards

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  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer
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    Ah, my mistake. (Time to get new glasses.) Our normal 2D PDF export has the same limitation, as does KMZ. One workaround that comes to mind is to hide all but the original DAE layer, File | Capture Screen Contents To Image (include a World and PRJ file), and then import that image. Turn the other layers of interest back on and export to PDF.


  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer Moderator, Trusted User

    Hi Michele,

    Our 3D PDF export does not currently support mesh data, only raster and vector points, lines and areas. We do plan to add 3D PDF mesh support in the future.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your quick answer.
    Actually i was talking about normal pdf export though, not 3d one. Is the same thing valid for it too ?
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