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Adding a North Indicator in 3D view

Dave_in_Edmonton Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Is there any way to include the option to show a North arrow in the 3D view. Currently using version 16.2


  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    Answer ✓
    Hi Dave,

    In version 16, you should see a toolbar button towards the right-hand side of the toolbar that looks like a small red/white compass rose. Clicking the button toggles display of the north arrow. It's displayed at the center of the scene. If you want to change its size or the elevation that it's displayed at, you can go into the settings dialog and modify the Orientation Indicator values. The Scale setting is relative to the scene size. The Height setting is a number of meters, and you can set it as an absolute elevation, an elevation relative to the ground, clamp it to the ground (ignores the Height setting), or as depth a depth.

    Best regards,

  • Dave_in_Edmonton
    Dave_in_Edmonton Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Jeff, thanks for the reply, that helps a lot.