Best method for contouring LiDAR data

GM does a great job classifying LiDAR data, now I need a little guidance contouring.  My ground sampling distance is about 1.5", a lot of data over 2 square miles.  I've run the data a couple different ways, but my contours are very jagged, almost as if every point is being used.  Client would like a smoother dataset, what are the best settings to generate contours without losing quality?  I'm learning GM on my own via board and videos, seeing what others have used to contour a landfill.  Thanks.

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,135
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    What version of Global Mapper are you using?  
    What options have you already tried?  What is the resolution of your grid?  Making that value larger will smooth out the resulting contours.  Using the "Smooth Contour Lines/Areas" option will also help.
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