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Question about index numbers

JSL Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I'm trying to create unique identifiers for a layer that contains points, areas and lines.  I was going to use Calc Attr to create an attribute called Index in Study from the value in the <Index in Layer> attribute, but then I discovered that even when all the features are in one layer, GM assigns index numbers by feature description; so, for example, within the same layer there are three index numbers of 0:  one for the first point, one for the first line, and one for the first area.  Is there any way to change that so every feature in a layer gets a unique identifier based just upon the total number of features in a layer?

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  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    I have added feature request #17454 so that we can evaluate adding a unique index for each feature in a layer to a future version of Global Mapper.  We will post a message on this thread when the status of the feature request changes.


  • neilcooper33
    neilcooper33 Global Mapper User

    Hi, is this possible now?

  • JSL
    JSL Global Mapper User Trusted User

    No, it's still not possible--index numbers still based on feature type