Download online imagery of planets

danielekdanielek Global Mapper UserPosts: 15
The "Download online imagery" function is extremely convenient. Such huge databases also exist for other planets and satellites; for instance JMARS makes possible downloading any image for Mars and other bodies of the Solar System in a semi-automatic way from such databases. Google Earth also has options to load images from databases of the Moon and Mars, although rarely updated. I am dreaming of a list of such databases in the "Download imagery of planets" menu, with for instance THEMIS daytime/nightime/thermal inertia, HRSC, CTX, MOC, HiRISE, and vintage Viking sets for Mars, perhaps mineralogy maps too; Clementine, LROC etc on the Moon, the Magellan radar mosaics of Venus and so on. Any hope to see this in a foreseable future?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,190
    You can add new online data sources by clicking the Add New Source... button on the Select Online Data Source to Download window.

    We don't have current plans to add planetary imagery to Global Mapper, but if you have a list of sites and URLs for downloading imagery (WMS, etc.) then that would be a big help.
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