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How to create 3D building with arched roof lines?

I'm trying to create a half-cylinder shaped building, but can't figure out how to create the arched roof line without manually inputting elevations for each vertex. Thanks for the help!


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    Your best bet will be to use a 3D editing program (e.g., Sketchup) to create a 3D model, then import it into Global Mapper.  Global Mapper 17 supports the following 3D formats:

    3DS Max Format
    Blender .blend
    COLLADA 3D Models (DAE)
    OBJ (Wavefront)
    PLY (Standford Polygon Library)
    STL (StereoLithography) Files
    Sketchup .skp
  • Thanks for the help. Do you know of any resources for instructions on this? I am able to create a building in Sketchup and georeference it, but am having trouble getting it to import properly in Global Mapper...

    I get an error when loading a skp file (Stack Trace), and the DAE file loads w/o proper georeference and is distorted making the buildings look too tall.

    Thank you! 
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    What version of Global Mapper are you using?  If you are using Global Mapper 16 or 17, I recommend getting the latest release of Global Mapper to see if the problem has already been fixed.  If the problem persists in the latest release, then your best bet is to send an e-mail describing your workflow and the results (error message, etc.), with a copy of your sample data, to Blue Marble Geographics support (  This will ensure that the support team sees the problem and can provide a timely response.  Thank you.
  • I'm using Global Mapper v17.0 (64 bit). Should be up to date... I'll get in touch with support. Thanks again for the feedback.
  • JeffH@BMG
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    Hi Kelly,

    Yes, if you're getting errors loading those file types, we'll want to see them. Thanks.

  • Thanks Jeff, I emailed with a description of the problem. I look forward to hearing back!