Can GM normalise LAS?

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I've been looking into normalising and am wondering if GM can do so (as this would be brilliant!).  I'm not even too sure where to start; I've a few options, and originally I thought CALC_ATTR_FORMULA would handle it, but reviewing the manual page, it looks like it may not (although again, I'm unsure...)

Is this a thing that can happen or is going to happen? I see a lot of posts on here from people who are working with normalised las, but none from folks actually making it using GM, unless I am using the wrong keywords...

Any help or knowhow on this would be appreciated. 



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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,218
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    Can you clarify what you mean by normalizing your LiDAR data?  The Vector Options window (Overlay Control Center | Options... button | Alter Elevation Values) can be used to apply a scale, power and offset to the elevation values in your data.  Using the LiDAR Toolbar, Global Mapper can calculate the height above ground for you samples.  Are these the sort of things you are interested in?


  • EllieEllie Global Mapper User Posts: 29
    That last bit (height above ground) sounds exactly like what I'm looking for! I'll check it out (and sorry for my poor manual-reading skills!)
  • EllieEllie Global Mapper User Posts: 29
    I see this has been added in v17+... looks like it's time to pester the Boss for a new license.

    A quick question though, seeing so I cannot test it for myself just yet...
     - Can this be scripted? There's a strong possibility I'll be using this data process over massive areas.
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