How to open MID file which works in conjunction with MIF file?

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HI all, I have been given two files - both with same file name. One is MIF format, the other is MID format. I know they are supposed to work in conjunction, but it is my first exposure with the format. The MIF file opens fine, but I can't figure out how to make the MID text data show up in Global Mapper. I can open the MID file in a text editor, but can't figure out how to open it in Global Mapper. Any suggestions?? Many thanks!

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    MIF stands for MapInfo Interchange Format.  The MIF file contains the geometry and the MID file contains attribute data.  Global Mapper should be loading the attribute data from the MID file at the same time it loads the MIF file.  After you load the MIF file, you should be able to use the Feature Info tool to look at attributes on each feature, and use the labeling options on the Vector Options dialog to set up the labels.


  • SwoodySwoody Global Mapper User Posts: 97Trusted User
    It could be that you are only supposed to open the MIF file, and the MID is contained / embedded within the MIF?? However I can't really tell. I see no text when I open the MIF file, except for some metadata when I select lines (maybe that's all there is?)  Perhaps if I am seeing the metadata, that is a sign the MID data is there?
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