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I am brand new to the forums and scripting within GM, but have been using GM for the past 4 years.  Recently after a training session with Mr. Dave McKittrick, I started tooling around with scripting some actions we do repeatedly with GM.  We are always exporting Raster data as GeoTIFFs and ECWs.  So this is where I started.

My question is, does anyone know if it is possible to display a progress bar during an export when running a process from a script?  An example would be if I set up a script to export an ECW, GM will just churn it out in the background but no one will know when it will finish or how far it is in the process.  I noticed that if I open GM and run the script via the menu and have it 'Run Script in the context of the main view' it will show me the necessary progress bars, but if I am scripting it is usually because I am trying to streamline things and dont want to have to open an instance of GM to run the script.

Any ideas?  Let me know if my question needs clarification.  Sorry, I am new here.  Cheers!

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    I have added a new command line parameter that you can use when running a script.  Add /showprogress to your command line after the name of the script file if you want to see progress bars.  If the command line does not include that parameter, then no progress bars will be displayed.

    "C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper17_64bit\global_mapper.exe" "C:\Scripts\export.gms" /showprogress

    I have placed new builds with the latest changes at Simply download the appropriate installer and run it to install the latest build.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,218
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    Progress bars are always suppressed when running a script from the command line, but there is no reason that couldn't be optional.  I have opened feature request #17288 so we can evaluate allowing progress bars to be displayed during a command-line script.  We will post a message on this thread when the status of the feature request changes.

    What version of Global Mapper are you using?  New features are always added to the current version (Global Mapper 17 at the moment.)
  • Currently using GM 17.  Thanks so much for the response!
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