Ability to change selection style for points, lines and areas

JakeJake Global Mapper UserPosts: 269Trusted User

  1. a selected point is stylized with a 1 pixel thick red circle of diameter 9 pixel which is also enclosed by a 1 pixel thick red circle of diameter 15 pixels.
  2. a selected line is stylized with a dashed line enclosed by a 2 pixel thick yellow line which is also enclosed by a 2 pixel thick black line. Total is 9 pixels wide.
  3. a selected area is stylized with a 1 pixel thick, ~ 6x6 pixel spacing diagonal crosshatch fill.

I would like the ability to change or tweak these especially the crosshatch fill. Or at least the ability to make them partially transparent.

See attached images showing the 3 styles noted above.

Note 'selection' is normally done via the Search | Search by Attributes, Name, and Description


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,002
    Just to make sure that I understand, are you saying that you would like to make all of the selection styles translucent?  Note that on the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog, there is an option to "Only Highlight Border of Selected Area Features."  In this case, the border will still be opaque, but the inside of the area feature will not be covered at all.
  • JakeJake Global Mapper User Posts: 269Trusted User
    Sorry I lost track of this. Ideally i would like to change all three as I sometimes have yellow already in the workspace so a yellow selection is problematic. Same for red points. 

    As for area selections, I would want to retain the fill tint. Just make the color changeable and semi-transparent, say 25%.
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