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So I have a bunch of Global Mapper data files that reference files located on a corrupted user profile. I've created a new user profile and have copied all of my documents over to the new user profile. My question is how can I have the data file point to the copied file location on the new user profile instead of the old user profile? For example, how do I point the Global Mapper data file to use C:\users\new profile\filename.tif and no longer point to the C:\users\corrupt profile\filename.tif? The files are still usable, but having to keep using old profile is messy and not desired. I would like to point to the new profile.

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  • chuckfarrchuckfarr Posts: 2
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    As Rosanna Rosanna Dana would say, "Never mind". I renamed the old user profile Global Mapper directory to profile.old and the application automatically located the new user profile. Sweet!
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