Global Mapper v25.0

I open shp file, zoom in, use feature info tool and globalmapper crashes

persep Global Mapper User
edited November 2015 in Bug Report
When I open a shp file (any of them) from this file  (free goverment data) and zoom in to 400 metres arund this point 729065.928534891, 4259008.99079781 utm, ETRS89 you can see 3 very near lines (roads). when click on any of them with the Feature info tool, Global Mapper just hangs with the spinning wheel.

I've attached a picture of the roads that cause the crash.

Global Mapper v17.0.3 b111615 64bit
Windows 10 pro 64



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    I have not been able to reproduce this.  I loaded one of your files, and tried zooming in to the location and scale you mentioned. The Feature Info tool works as it is supposed to.  Do you run into this problem at other zoom levels or with other features?  Can you provide any more details about what you were doing before the hang?
  • persep
    persep Global Mapper User
    Nothing really, zoom tool, and hand tool, and click near the half roundabout and globalmapper hangs. I've tried it again and it seems that it only hangs if you click on two certain lines. I've attached a picture with those two lines in red. The strange thing is that if you click the one in between it works fine