Global Mapper v24.1

Image is flipped on raster export of World Image

Doe Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I am using Global Mapper v17.0.3 (b102115) [64-bit] - REGISTERED. When exporting a raster image (bmp format) or doing a screen capture of an image from "World Imagery" the downloaded image, when reloaded into GM, is flipped along an east-west access. This seems to be a problem when capturing a screen content to an image file (with projection info).

It looks like the X, Y pixel assignments are transposed somehow.



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    I exported World Imagery to a BMP file, and captured the screen contents to a BMP, and the results were correct.

    Please try the latest daily build.  If the problem persists in the most recent build, please send a detailed description of your workflow, including parameters selected on the export options screens (screen captures are fine) to Blue Marble Geographics Support (  Thanks.
  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Is the image loaded into the correct area, just flipped?  Sorta sounds like a longitude without a minus sign, if appropriate.  Suggest looking at the global and projection files, perhaps testing without one or the other being in the same folder. 
  • Doe
    Doe Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Thanks Mykle. Am away for the moment and will look at it again in a few hours.