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Export Geo-referenced PDF

fvidania Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I have a question, when I use Global Mapper to geo reference a plan/map in PDF and I'm unable to export that same pdf with georeferenced coordinates.

This is what I'm doing:

1. Import PDF in Global Mapper
2. I assign known coordinate to certain points, usually 2-3 points.
3. I can see and examine the georeferenced pdf in Global Mapper.
4. Export as PDF.

When I export the pdf using the option export/PDF it creates a whole new PDF showing the space around the PDF, just like exporting an image.

What I need is to export the pdf keeping the same format, page setup and size for the PDF. Is that possible?


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  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Accepted Answer
    It sounds like you just want to add georeferencing information to a PDF.  Is that correct?

    When you import data into Global Mapper, it stores the information in its internal format, which is the same regardless of what format the data came from.  Then, when you export data, it converts the data from the internal format to the export format.  There is no connection between the import and export formats, so Global Mapper can not simply add georeferencing information to a PDF file.  When you export the PDF, you can control the page size, scale, etc., but it sounds like that is not enough for what you want to do.

    Here is a link to a Stack Exchange discussion about converting a non-spatial PDF to a Geospatial PDF.


  • fvidania
    fvidania Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Thank you Bob. I exported as PDF and drawing a box fixed more of my issues. Although it will be nice to write PDFs and keep the same format and quality. 

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