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Hi Guys . . . I am having trouble with 3-D PDF exports and need some help

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I have geo-rectified an image and ordered the layering so that whe I use 3-D view in GM v16 64bit the image is draped quite nicely over the 3-D grid file I made.  I see the image draped appropriately.  I have grouped the grid layer and rectified image into a single layer and I next export to 3-D PDF format.  In the PDF the geo-rectified image is no longer draped over the 3-D grid model.  I have been running this way and that looking for some setting for the export that produce the draped image.  Is there a setting that I am overlooking?  The rsults show the grid model, contours, points, etc. spatially correctly but the image appears to be floating above the model at elev = 0.

Can you help?

Thank you in advance.

See attached images - screenshot of pdf file and GM 3D saved 3-D image

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  • chuck
    chuck Global Mapper User
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    Found the option to drape imagery over the terrain model and checked the box . . . I am okay!


  • Hi,

    I believe I am having a similar issue with an image I am trying to drape over a 3D grid.  The image is "floating" at elevation=0 within GM v.17 and not properly reflecting the topography it is layered over.  Where did you find the option to drape imagery over the terrain model?

    Thank you.
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