Global Mapper v25.0

Place line, with specific attributes, from GM script?

jubxie Global Mapper User
I'd like to be able to use a gm script (through an already created plugin) to place a line, with specific attributes. Basically I want to use a menu to select, for example, Feature type "Road" with attribute surface as "Paved" and road type as "primary". It that possible, or would i need to place the line and manually adjust the attributes. I see I can select certain attributes for a particular feature type, just want to speed up the process of collecting features and attributing.



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    What version of Global Mapper are you using?

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by, "use a gm script (through an already created plugin) to place a line"?  What type of plug-in are you using?

    Are you saying that you want to prompt the user for specific attribute values?  Can you provide a more detailed description of the work flow you are trying to create?
  • jubxie
    jubxie Global Mapper User
    We use a collection software which has an extension built for GM (I'm using 16 but moving to 17 soon). It allows digitizing into GM from it's own stereo interface. When we use it for digitizing into Microstation, it has a menu that sends a series of commands into microstation something like this: "set active layer Road;collect line". We'd like to be able to do the same with gm. Basically pre-setting the layers and attributes before placement. I'm guessing I could just create a line style with specific attributes defined, but would I need to do that manually after placement of the line or can I preset that layer so that I can click on this menu (which ports a script to GM) and then place a line.