Why can't I download NAIP imagery?

GriffonGriffon Global Mapper UserPosts: 28Trusted User
I'm using Global Mapper 12.02. I have an area with some points in Wisconsin Transverse Mercator projection for which I'm trying to download NAIP (1m) imagery. I was able to do this a couple days ago in the same project, but today I get the following error when I choose Download Online Imagery..., and choose NAIP Color Imagery...:

Error getting WMS server capabilities
WMS server GetCapabilities query failed with status code 400.
OGCWMSCapabilities.cpp - 778
Version: v12.02
Build Time: Apr 15 2011 01:48:07

Is this temporary or something else?

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,114
    Answer ✓
    Status code 400 suggests that the server containing the imagery might be down. 


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