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Save all the Map-data (raster and vector) as write-protected template

My next question is, how to make a "template" Map catalog which is write-Protected ?
So that I don´t have to worry about mistakes. I mean, I want all the Vector-Data viewable and searchable. But when I save, just the new Data should be Saved to a new "Project".


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    It sounds like you want to load some vector layers, and add some new features or do some analysis that produces new features (e.g., a view shed).  Then, when you save, you want Global Mapper to automatically save a new workspace containing only the new features or analysis results.  Is this correct?

    You can do this now, although it is not be automated in the way that I think you want.  After you create a workspace, you can make it a read-only file.  That will prevent you from accidentally saving your new data to the original workspace.  When you create new data, it is typically added to a new layer.  You can select the new layers in the Overlay Control Center and choose the Create Workspace From Selected Layers option to save a new workspace that contains only your new data.
  • MapMax30
    edited October 2015
    I want to use GlobalMapper as Viewer for all the high detailed Mapping-Data. (yes including high detailed terrain Model, 0,5m contour Lines, 12cm per pixel Images and many Points of Interest)
    I want to use all these Map-Elements as write-protected "Template".
    So that I can plan a detailled offroad-trip, draw new Lines or import GPS-Tracks and Save the new Vector-Elements.

    And yes, my first Task is to generate a Height-Model out of the 0,5m contour Lines.

    And my Questions are:
    1. What is the best File-Type to save the 0,5 m contour-Lines ? (so that I have quick zooming and Paning on the Map) ?

    2. I want that GlobalMapper starts and opens my Map-Data automatically. Is this possible ?

    I mean, maybe you can tell me somethng like...
    just for example:

    Save the Vector-Data as Global-Mapper Package, because it is fast and not too big data-Size.
    Save the detailled Raster-Maps as .ecw Files because Global-Mapper handles them fast and File-Size is not to big.
    And make all these Files Read-Only.

    Maybe you can tell me best way to do, or have a better idea ?

    I ask this because I think with GlobalMapper is all this possible, but I am new to GlobalMapper and have to learn what is best way to do.

    I read somewhere that GlobalMapper can package big Vector-Data in small Size, but can´t find the article again.
    Is this done by saving as package-File ?  (still searching for Best file-Format for my Task)

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