Windows 10 slow & V17 Multi Map View Question

SwoodySwoody Global Mapper UserPosts: 97Trusted User

Just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and everything is incredibly slow now.  I definitely regret upgrading (I only use the computer for Global Mapper)
Anyway, would be interested to hear if others having similar issues.

Question regarding version 17's new multi-map viewer:

Is there a way to have different map types loaded and have them separately show up multi-map windows?  In other words, I would like one window to have a street map, and another to have a NED map, for example. I can't quite figure out how to do that - feel like I am missing something....Best I can really do thus far is have a close up and wide version of the same map, which is great, or blended / layered maps, but I would really like to view different types of maps at the same time.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated. 



  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,188
    I haven't heard from users who are experiencing a slowdown in Global Mapper after upgrading to Windows 10, but you might want to ask our support team ( as they typically get more feedback on that sort of thing.

    With regard to the multi-view functionality:  This primarily allows you to view the same data with different zoom and scale, and view different locations within the same data set.  It does not provide for including a different set of layers in each view.
  • SwoodySwoody Global Mapper User Posts: 97Trusted User
    Thank you, Bob, for the info regarding the multi-view window.  Regarding Windows 10 -- yes, it now takes quite a long time to load workspaces, import data, and save data. Everything much slower for me now.
  • I am happy with Windows 7 now.  First I had problems viewing Maps in 3D and it was a little slow.
    Then I uninstalled my NVIDIA Graphics driver and reinstalled with the really newest Version available.
    (had to change an .inf -File because my Graphic-Card is a special Apple Version)

    Now I have a fast 3D-View and also faster at all.

    But I think you have an other Problem.... but maybe also with an other Driver.
    Maybe you can bring all your Hardware-Drivers manually to newest Version, and don´t use the standard Windows-Driver ?

    Just an Idea.
  • SwoodySwoody Global Mapper User Posts: 97Trusted User
    Hmm - thank you MapMax30!  I am a Mac person, so my knowledge of PCs is so very limited. Might have to call in the tech guru to help me figure it out.  I might just go back to 7 where everything was (lately) quite fast.  Thanks again!
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