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is it possible to have an option to display the map legend based on loaded vector types visible on screen only?

Or any option that exists (Loaded Vector Types / Color Palette) when they are visible on screen only.

To be fair that might just as well be the default option as there is no point to have a map legend with more information than what can be seen on screen.



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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,101
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    By visible layers, I mean layers that are currently marked as visible in the Overlay Control Center, not just the features that are currently showing on the screen.  The legend always contains information about all of the features in the visible layers.  Sorry for the confusion.
  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 448
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    You have two issues:
    1. data for all layers that are loaded and being displayed.
    2. data that are visible in your current window.

    I would expect that, for consistency, legends should reflect all displayed layers, regardless of zoom level.  Only the first of these issues are included, as Bob has described. 

    It would be interesting, but as a separate option, to change legends as the zoom level changes (or, allow the user to "update" the legends to reflect the current window, so GM doesn't have to try to keep up as you change your window extents). 

    There are additional variations that users have come up with, such as having multiple elevation layers loaded and displayed, but wanting a legend to reflect only one layer. 

    "It's complicated ..."


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,101
    By default, the legend only shows data for vector features and layers that are visible. There is no option to show information about vector features that are hidden.  Since the color palette is not associated with any data in the workspace, it is always shown when specified in the legend.  
  • yianniyianni Global Mapper User Posts: 93Trusted User
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    Sorry Bob but I must be doing something totally wrong because no matter how much I zoom in/out of my map the map legend does not change at all.

    There are always features there that are loaded on my model but currently not visible on my screen.

    I have tried to load and unload the map legend while my map scale of the map was large and only 1-2 items were visible but the map legend always comes up showing everything.

    Any ideas? 


  • yianniyianni Global Mapper User Posts: 93Trusted User

    Thanks for your clarification but I feel I should have been more clear myself.

    So to recuperate, is it a valid recommendation to have the option of the map legend showing only features visible on screen and not all as loaded in the OCC?



  • yianniyianni Global Mapper User Posts: 93Trusted User
    Ok fair enough!

    To be honest a map legend should show what is on display on the map really.

    At the end of the day I can export what is visible on the screen on another model and then the map legend should show only what is on the screen.

    Thanks for your responses


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