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Export TIN from LIDAR not GRID

edited October 2015 in Elevation Data
i have imported LAS file with
Load LIDAR Options. I have checked Create elevation Grid.... and Triangulation (Grid TIN of Points) with point classification: 2-ground
all work correctly but cannot export TIN surface, Global Mapper will make with all type of export 
file -> export -> elevation grid format -> always grid and not only the TIN generated during import !!!!!
All type of export including "DXF 3D Face / TIN Files" export a GIRD and NOT a TIN, this make me crazy
please help me


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    The reason that you can not save the TIN is that the TIN does not get created as a layer when you create the grid during import.  The only data that you have is the elevation grid, which is why the TIN exports do not work in that case.

    When you load your LiDAR data, load it as a point cloud instead of an elevation grid.  Then, use the Analysis->Create Elevation Grid from 3D Vector Data menu item.  On the ensuing Elevation Grid Creation Options screen, fill in the options you want to use (there is a button to filter by classification), and be sure to put a check mark next to Save Triangulation Network (TIN) as a Vector Layer.  This will create both an elevation grid and a TIN layer. You can export the TIN layer separately using the Overview Control Center, or the regular export functions.
  • ho my god it's working !!!!!
    many thanks !!!!!
    (only DXF can export 3d faces model ? ....... not OBY or PLY ?)
  • I have this same problem, however even when I load the .las as a pointcloud the check box next to save tin as vector is unavailable.
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