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I have uploaded a .DWG file of a cave system that will overlay DEMs. When I rectify the .DWG file it seems to be more stretched and not completely in line when compared to the original PDF file of the map. To rectify the image, I am taking coordinates from that PDF and using them to rectify the .DWG. I am just eyeballing it which is probably why it's not accurate. Is there a way to make it more accurate?

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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452
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    The appearance (datum/projection) on your screen is not dependent upon the appearance of your source files (datum/projection). 

    Your rectification may be fine, so you can change the datum/projection for your display. 

    You can load the PDF and rectify it, then load and rectify the DWG without needing to enter point coordinates (click on a point in the PDF, and click on a point in the DWG, and that relationship defines one of the rectification points). 
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