Can ECWs support RGB-IR bands?

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Hey Global Mapper,

I'm working with TIF/TFWs that have four bands (RGB and IR), but an unable to select the Multiband output when exporting an ECW.  Is this a function of ECWs or is something else going on?

I'm working with Global Mapper 17.0 :)



  • I have also recently started handling 4-band imagery.  When exporting ECWs, I usually will just export a standard RGB ECW and then a CIR ECW using bands 4, 1 and 2.

    You can specify what bands to export via the Overlay Control Center > Select your 4-band Raster layer > Options > Band Setup.

    Probably doesn't help but it is how we deal with 4 band
  • Select multi band group box- select bit of pixel as 8,16 or 24 and select your in ECW export dialog box and Export it
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