Global Mapper v25.0

KMZ with Photos won't open in Google Earth

fvidania Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Hi all, 

I have 48 photos in Global Mapper that I'm exporting to KMZ. When I go to Google Earth they open up. But, when I send this file to other people, some of them can't open the photos. It works out with some people, it doesn't with others...

What am I doing wrong?



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    It is possible that this is a Google Earth issue. Since the other people are all trying to open the same file, the difference for each user is his or her Google Earth installation.  Do all of the other people have the same version of Google Earth as you have?  Can you post the file here?
  • Josie_BMG
    Josie_BMG Global Mapper User
    Hi fvidania, There is a Google Earth bug that is likely causing this. If your colleagues are saving the KMZ file in a folder with spaces or special characters, then they will need to remove the spaces or special characters from the file path to be able to view the images.