Use script to open .GMW files

How do you open an existing GMW file using a script?

I see that you can use the IMPORT command to load all kinds of data, but can you not open a saved workspace?

I cannot find this feature in the scripting reference guide or the internet.



  • RobertRRobertR GlobalMapper Fan! Posts: 286Trusted User
    edited October 2015

    You could try variations of the RUN_COMMAND COMMAND_LINE. Just write the path towards the .exe that opens the file (global mapper in your case) and then the path towards the .gmw file.

    Here is an example on how I call a python script:

    RUN_COMMAND COMMAND_LINE="cmd /C 'python C:\Scripts\'"
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,235
    You can use the EMBED_SCRIPT command to load a workspace.
  • Thanks guys!
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