Global Mapper v24.0

Convert between coordinates systems

I have a DWG drawing which is in Jordan Transvers Mercator with Datum ED50.

In the same drawing I have have 4 points for which I have coordinates in JTM Datum: ED50 and also WGS84.

The thing that I want to do is to simply change the GMW file projection from JTM ED50 to WGS84. And this I did but when I check the WGS84 coordinates of the known points these are OK till the 4th decimal place (for example Global mapper coordinate: 34.97487780° E Existing true coordinate: 34.9749226293103) So the coordinates are OK up to the 3rd or 4th decimal place.

What I need to achive is to have the same value till the 6th decimal place.

What I have done so far was to edit the datum values like this:

Displaying imagepng

Displaying imagepng

I have changed the shifts available in Global mapper with what I could find on internet at the following link

My assumption is that if I can find the right values for these shifts than maybe I will have exact values.

Thank you very much