Global Mapper v25.0

import .all files

Hi does GMv15 or 17 support importing .all files?


  • Thea_bmg
    Thea_bmg Global Mapper User
    Hi Jonathan, can you let us know a bit more about this file type?  What program created it?  What type of data is it (text files, vector, or raster, for example)?
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Global Mapper User
    This is a multibeam file.  I can send a file example for reference.  Who should I send to?
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    edited October 2015
    Please e-mail it to, along with any information you have about what program created the file.  A quick search suggests these files can be displayed by a program called Echoview, and may be the output from a Kongsberg echosounder.  Is that correct?  How would you expect this data to be displayed in Global Mapper?