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I have a DEM in the form of a OVR file. I can't open the OVR file in Global Mapper. Can OVR files be opened and used in Global Mapper? If not, does file need to be converted into another format?


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    Assuming your OVR file was created by ArcGIS, it is an accessory file to a raster image.  So you would want to use the raster image rather than the OVR file.  

    Excerpting from the ArcGIS documentation (link below):

    Pyramids are used to improve performance. They are a downsampled version of the original raster dataset and can contain many downsampled layers.  Each successive layer of the pyramid is downsampled at a scale of 2:1.

    Pyramids can speed up the display of raster data by retrieving only the data at a specified resolution that is required for the display.  With pyramids, a lower-resolution copy of the data displays quickly when drawing the entire dataset.  As you zoom in, levels with finer resolutions are drawn; performance is maintained because you're drawing successively smaller areas.  

    Pyramids are stored in a single file that generally resides next to the source rasters.


    ArcGIS Terrain data is documented in the same area, apparently including both vector and raster components, including surfaces.  This data can use a pyramid file structure to improve performance.  

    So, you have an OVR file that you believe contains elevations, and it doesn't really match up with the above information.  We may need more information from you before we understand what you have and what may be possible to do with it.  Right now, it looks like the master file from which the OVR was created would be preferred.  A raster image can be interpreted as an image or as elevation values.  

    I don't think that Global Mapper will be able to use an OVR file, if it is what is described above.  


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