Copy attributes from one object to another

vaxvax Global Mapper UserPosts: 123Trusted User

is there a way in GM to copy all attributes in an object and paste them in another object (possibly without any attributes)? I am looking also for a possibility to copy a single attribute or even to paste an attribute/value pair from external app (e.g. a text file).

I checked something like a right-button click in the Modify Feature Info dialog/Feature attributes list for a copy/paste option but I didn't find such one.



  • Josie_BMGJosie_BMG Global Mapper User Posts: 71
    Hi Vax, you can select features with the Digitizer tool, then right-click and choose Attribute/Style Functions > Copy Attributes between Overlapping/Nearby Features, you will then be prompted to determine which features to copy attributes from. Or you can right-click on the layer in the Overlay Control Center and choose JOIN TABLE, which will take you through adding attributes from a spreadsheet or table based on a common attribute. 
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