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Georeferencing several images

I have several images that all cover the same area and should be the same size, both in pixels and dimension.  Is there a way to georeference one image and then use the projection file for all of the others.  I have about 20 images and it seems like there should be a quick way to do this if they are all the same size and dpi.

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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452
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    You probably won't be able to use a projection file, since it does not specify the coordinates of points on an image.  You need to be able to place the image within the space defined by the projection. 

    Here is a different method:

    Load one image and rectify it, then save a workspace file (GMW).

    The GMW file is plain text, so open it in Notepad or other plain text editor, note the lines that relate to your image, and copy and paste them immediately following.  Edit the filename for your next image and save the file.  Open the file in GM and see if it loads the original and new images.  If it does, repeat to include the rest of your files. 

    Sometimes an image includes grid markings in the margins, but they are not useful for rectifying the image.  So I will make a copy, then edit the image and draw grid lines, and rectify that image.  Using the above procedure, I can save the GMW file and edit the filename to my original file.  Open the workspace in GM and admire the results. 


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452
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    For everyone else, that option is in the Image Rectifier dialog.  Will have to remember it. 

    However, I'd rather edit the workspace file and be quickly done with the exercise!



  • Solved - such a simple solution too.  I simply needed to georectify one image and then go to FILE, SAVE CONTROL POINTS TO FILE.  Then I can load those control points to all of the subsequent images.  Simple and it works perfectly!

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