Global Mapper v24.0

Global Mapper v17 Available Wednesday - check out the pre-release blog by Patrick Cunningham


  • Wadep
    Wadep Global Mapper User Trusted User
    $199 for an upgrade!!!! That's $280 Australian Dollars for me, looks like this will be the first time in 10 years i will not be upgrading.... :'(
  • hennie
    hennie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    You should experience South African Rands: R 2 888,00!!!
  • Exchange rates can be really difficult, we do not yet have a reseller in Australia though we have SMC Synergy in South Africa.  We are committed to keeping Global Mapper affordable and we work really hard to do that.  The last version upgrade was $169 so it's really not that much more and our price increase on single versions is in line with what we have always done historically.  Also if you haven't heard we will be releasing a mobile version hopefully by 17.1 which will add even more value to the product. 

  • Swoody
    Swoody Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Hi. I bought the LiDAR module not 2 weeks ago. Does this mean I will have to pay again for it to work in V17?? I hope not!  :--(
  • John Horrigan
    John Horrigan Global Mapper User
    I will echo the comment on pricing, the weakened Canadian dollar exchange makes this upgrade $73 more for me than the last one (which was at even rate then). That's nearly a 50% increase in my cost.

    I appreciate Global Mapper does not control exchange rate, but this is a worldwide product, so exchange rate is a factor and a lot of businesses are not booming at the moment. I'll be holding off until the exchange rate improves or go to an every-other version cycle.  Too bad, I like the product.

  • DanielleC
    DanielleC Trusted User
    Thank you for your inquiry. You would have had the option to pre-buy the version 17 upgrade when you made your purchase online. I forwarded your call message along to the Senior Account manager this morning as well. Please send me a direct email and we can discuss this more in detail.


    Danielle Caron, In side Sales/ Operations Manager
    Blue Marble Geographics, 22 Carriage Lane, Hallowell, ME, 04347 USA
    T: +1 (207) 622-4622 ex. 113 :: TF: (800) 616-2725 ex. 113

  • I want you to know that we don't take increasing the price lightly.  Put yourself in my shoes, as CEO I have everybody and their brother telling me to raise the price. But that is not our vision.  I want Global Mapper to remain a viable inexpensive option for everyone.  Every other commercially supported tool of merit is quite expensive in my opinion.  After a lot of internal debate we decided to raise the price the same way it has always been; $50 every other version for single user licenses.  I know exchange rates for our foreign customers are not in their favor right now and that hurts.  But exchange rates will come back around in due time.  I would just ask that you continue to use the product and know that we are committed to keeping the software affordable.  We welcome your feedback.
  • John Horrigan
    John Horrigan Global Mapper User
    There seems to be two aspects to the increase.  Now perhaps my memory is getting a bit fuzzy (like most things as I age), but there used to be a 10% discount for forum members upgrading.  I can't seem to find that this time around, either. Is it just that I'm not navigating the new platform correctly, or has that policy gone away?
  • JSL
    JSL Global Mapper User Trusted User
    I just checked ArcGIS, and it's $1500 for a single user basic license, $7000 for a standard license, and who knows what for their advanced desktop license.  GM has fantastic customer support and is always fine-tuning.  Seems to me that with GM, you get more than you pay for.  Thanks for a great product.
  • Wadep
    Wadep Global Mapper User Trusted User
    To PatrickBMG, I fully understand your comments regarding pricing. My first comment that started this discussion was really centred around the huge change in exchange rate between us in Australia to the US dollar.
    In the end i just have to justify whether the upgrade price which is 40% of a complete new license is worth it for basically just one year or the time between major version upgrades, am i getting value for money from the new upgrade features? Because of the exchange rate at the moment the answer would be no unfortunately. Keep up the good work thou i love the GM product which i have been using for over 10 years.
  • John Horrigan
    John Horrigan Global Mapper User
    Wadep I think you've said it best.  This is not a discussion of the quality of the product, but whether it is still accessible to the same user community.  I have come to the same conclusion as you, GM16 fits my needs right now.

    PatrickBMG, I appreciate your coming to this discussion.  Perhaps the pattern of how price increases are applied needs some study.  I think every business faces the same pressure you describe.  There does come a point, however, when pattern price increases simply wedge out customers.  Only a couple of us have spoken up here, impossible for me to say what others might do.  And of course, you likely won't hear from those who look at the product and simply don't pursue it due to price.   

    JSL are you suggesting that Global Mapper is a complete competitor to Esri?  I don't see it, perhaps a bit more info would help.  I can say that about 6 months ago a client did a comparison of the two products and went ArcGIS, so there must be a value added difference.