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Hi All, to help us stay organized with general questions and feedback specifically about the version 17 beta, we'd like to try focusing it to one thread if possible to help FAQ's emerge. I'm going to warm this one up by answering a question I know will be coming since the documentation hasn't been finalized yet, please feel free to add your own questions to the thread and we'll do our best to stay on top of them. Of course, if you are running into a specific technical problem feel free to post a new thread:

How do I turn on the new split screen Multi View?
There is a new button, immediately to the right of the Set View Rotation button on the main toolbar.  You can get to this same menu under View>Add/Remove Map Views.  On this screen, you use the drop down at the bottom to choose the type of map view you'd like to add to the screen, and set it's position, then click "Add Map View..." you should see your screen split and the new map view start up.  It is possible to have multiple 2d screens up, as well as a single 3D screen.  When multiple 2D screens are displayed, one of them is set as "Primary" for the sake of settings involving screen bounds like exporting a file and so on.  The list at the top will indicate which is Primary and you can right click to change to a different Primary view if you like.  This dialog is also used to close down any of the panels you are done with, jsut select from the list and click the "Close Selected Map View..." button.

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    I see there is an upgrade from 16 to 17 for $199. Is it safe to assume that an upgrade of the lidar module will be an additional $199?


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    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your interest in upgrading your Global Mapper licenses. You are correct that a single machine license of version16 upgrade to version 17 is $199.00 US. The LiDAR module is priced the same. We will be updating the website on the day of the release. Please feel free to contact me directly with any other questions.


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