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Prj. File Error for DEM

I have acquired a 20ft dem of Moore County NC and was provided with a prj. file and get the following error when I load.

Error parsing C:/*******/moore prj. at line 1, column1
some data maybe missing
edit coast model parameter values

I have tried to attach the prj. file but it has been rejected.
Can someone assist me.

I have meta data showing corner coordinates but have no idea how to rectify the plot to these points.



  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,329
    Do you know what projection the DEM is using?  If so, you can load it without the .prj and choose the projection from a list when prompted by Global Mapper. Presumably, the source of the data should be able to tell you what projection it is using.

    The .prj is a text file, rename it to *.txt and post it as an attachment.  Putting it into a zip archive would work as well.
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