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Viewing converted geotiffs in MicroStation

bikerpenguin Global Mapper User
I have a large number of .tif images that I created using ERDAS Imagine.  I use GM (16.2.1 b052915) to trim the images to an AOI provided by the client (I used to do this in Imagine as well, but I have recently encountered some bugs that make it much easier in GM) and convert the images to geotiffs and ECWs.  I don't have any problem with the ECWs, but the tiffs take forever to load in MicroStation (original tiffs load much faster and are very similar file size) and will appear completely greyed out at different zoom levels.  I have tried both 24 bit and multiband file types and I am not using any compression.  All files load fine in GM. Any idea what would cause this?

I tried it in an older version (15.2 b072714) and the images still take a long time to load, but I do not have the issue with them being greyed out.


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