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iaoranaiaorana Global Mapper UserPosts: 133Trusted User
Hi guys, I have a DWG file from which data do not appear on GM. (GM16.2)
I can select all, see the data in search, view in 3d but not in the main window.
I have change style etc.. But with no result.


  • iaoranaiaorana Global Mapper User Posts: 133Trusted User
    Found the problem. They are all vertical lines one vertice Z=0 and one vertice with elevation.
    So GM cannot show vertical lines.

  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,089
    I was able to see the vertical lines in the 3D viewer.  In the main view, did you try turning on the option to display line and area vertices (Shift+V will toggle it on and off).

    You should make sure you are using the latest version of Global Mapper 16.2.
  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 328Trusted User
    Hi Iaorana,

    I've verified the problem that you found, and have added a bug #16229 for the issue. When we have addressed the problem, we'll notify you here.

    Thanks, and best regards,

  • bmg_mikebmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Posts: 185Trusted User
    I've updated the line drawing so that lines that end up in a single pixel in 2D are drawn as a single colored pixel in the view. This allows your data to show up nicely in the main map view without turning on vertex display. I have placed new builds with the latest changes at for you to try.


    Global Mapper Guru
  • iaoranaiaorana Global Mapper User Posts: 133Trusted User
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for this update it works like a charm.

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