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How do I label the dimensions of an area feature?

Greg Nash
Greg Nash Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I created an area feature. It's just a simple rectangle. I can measure the side lengths using the measure tool or by looking at the details of the vertices, but I would like to display these side lengths so that I can take a screenshot and show it to someone who's not familiar with GIS packages. It would also be nice to display the vertex coordinates. If this sort of annotation can't be done by checking some box somewhere, is it possible for me to somehow add text boxes?


  • samknight
    samknight BMG Staff
    Answer ✓
    Hi Greg, if you go to Configuration>Vector Display, there are options in the list box at the bottom to "Render Segment Lengths on Map" and "Render Segment Bearings on Map" (if you also want the bearing) that allow you to toggle on labels for those dimensions along your polygon.

    Sam Knight
    Director of Product Management
    Blue Marble Geogrpahics
  • Greg Nash
    Greg Nash Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Thanks for the advice. Great timing, too, because someone just asked me to do this very thing again today. This will save me from drawing it in PowerPoint like I did last time.
    Is there a way to label the vertices of the rectangles?
  • Greg Nash
    Greg Nash Global Mapper User Trusted User
    I think that I spoke too soon. It's working on the rectangles that I create, but not on the other area feature that I made.
  • Greg Nash
    Greg Nash Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Oh, it seems that the area feature needs to be in the same coordinate system as the project. It seems that I didn't set my project's coordinate system before I made my area feature.