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Labels moving off points on PDF outputs

Doe Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I am trying to export points with labels. They look fine in GM (Global Mapper v16.2.2 (b060315) [64-bit] - REGISTERED) but in the PDF export, some of the labels fall well away from their assigned points, while others look fine. The points with the misplaced labels seem to fall on diagonal lines. Kind of went to the client before I caught it. Do you have a work-around or fix for this issue? I am manually trying to fix this but it is a little messy.


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  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User
    Accepted Answer
    The workaround is to export a raster file (GeoTIFF) containing points and labels.
    (you will probably need to play a bit so the symbols and labels are an appropriate size)
    Bring it back in and set it to Multiply so you see underlying layers.
    Then you can export the PDF.
    A related issue has been noted as a bug.


  • Doe
    Doe Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Thanks Mykle. I'm building a layered pdf so I wanted the labels as isolated features. I'll try the GeoTIFF workflow to see how it works. I know the point labels are a little tricky and have used the raster image in multiple mode to generate the desired figure. The issue I am having is the actual label position. It looks like it might be a text wrapping issue.

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