Unable to checkout license (GM v16.2.0, Windows 10, 64bit)

naugustinnaugustin Global Mapper UserPosts: 39Trusted User
Since I upgraded from Window 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro I get the message:
"Unable to checkout license. Required driver not installed" when I start Global Mapper (see screenshot).

Anything I can/should do about that? GM seems to run fine and also says it´s registered.

Cheers, Nico


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,093
    The first thing you should do is install the latest release of Global Mapper. If the problem persists in the latest release, then your best bet is to contact Blue Marble Geographics support directly via e-mail (geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com). This will ensure that the support team sees the problem and can determine the solution. Thank you.
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