How to extend GM desktop application for custom needs ?

charmillecharmille Global Mapper UserPosts: 2
I want to use the GM desktop application with all its tools but also to display symbol incoming in real-time from my application.
Is it possible to extend the GM desktop application for example with a thread waiting for notification of an other standalone application and then display the appropriate custom symbol on the map in the GM desktop application.
How is it possible ? With the SDK ?
Could you explain the solution, please. Thanks.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,092
    Global Mapper Feature Extensions allow 3rd-parties and customers to create add-ins to Global Mapper to extend the functionality through their own toolbars and/or menu items. The feature extensions will have access to all data loaded in the Global Mapper application instance through the same API used by the Global Mapper SDK. There is an item under the Help menu for managing the installation and registration of feature extension plugins and add-in modules. For more information on how to write and publish an extension contact your Blue Marble sales representative (

    There are also a few plug-in interfaces described here that are part of the Global Mapper SDK.
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