Loading TIFF-files - change directory for WORLD-files

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When opening a directory with GeoTIFF-files without any reference I want to be able to guide the software to use WORLD (tfw)- files from an underlying directory.

For instance
Images are located at: C:\Images\
WORLD- files are located: C:\Images\WORLD\

When choosing: Open All Files in a directory tree I want it to find the images and the world files.


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    Currently Global Mapper requires that the world files for any TIFF files be in the same folder as the TIFF files themselves. Can you just copy the world files into the same folder as the TIFF files, as that is the commonly used approach?


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    Yes, thats what I have done. However it is better to have them separated in a directory when working with 1-2000files because of the time it takes to load the folder. However its just a wish when you have spare time :)
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