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How do I display the coordinates of a point feature

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,188
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    Click the Feature Info Tool button on the toolbar, then click the point you want information about. For more info, search the index in the Help for "Feature info dialog."


  • HowdyAg76HowdyAg76 Posts: 2
    Bob, thanks for the input. However, my question is more about how to have the coordinates of the vertices of a polygon displayed on the map so that they can be printed with the drawing. I assume that I need to create point features at these vertices, but I may not. I'm a newby, so any help is welcome.
  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 451Trusted User
    You do need point features whose labels can be displayed.

    Your polygon(s) can be area and/or line features. Select them with the digitizer tool.

    Right-click and
    select "Advanced Feature Creation Options", then
    select "Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features".

    Now add and display attributes to your points that include coordinates:

    1. Select your points
    (use the digitizer tool to draw a box around your points)

    2. Right-click on your selection,
    click "Attribute/Style Functions",
    click "Add Coordinate/Bounds Attributes to Selected Features"

    3. In the Overlay Control Center,
    select the layer that includes your points,
    click the Options button at the bottom.

    4. In the Vector Options dialog,
    select the tab "Feature Types/Labels/Elevations",
    select "Use Multiple Attributes for Name" and click the Setup button.

    5. The attributes available with your set of points is displayed, including coordinates (I am using UTM, so X and Y are included). Use the Add and Remove buttons to include your desired label attributes in the right pane.

    This selection can add a lot of text to your label. Depending upon your settings, some overlapping labels may not be displayed. There are several selections to override the display, as on the Vector Options dialog with the "Display Labels for Layer if Any Shown" selection.

    Another one is in the Vector Options dialog, Point Styles tab, "Use Same Style for All Features" and "Select Style" button. Near the bottom is "Always Display Label if any Labels are Displayed".

    If it is possible to limit the number of digits in the coordinate values, I will need to have that option pointed out to me! I'd like to display values rounded to the nearest meter (for UTM coordinates). I don't need three digits after the decimal as displayed in my test sample. If this is an issue for you, you may have to export to a spreadsheet file for additional work, then import the results for display.

    If any of these steps are unclear, please ask.
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,188
    Thank you for the clarification.

    You will first need to create point features from the vertices of your polygon(s). To do this, click the Digitizer Tool button. Select the features for which you want to create point features at the vertices. Right-click and select the Advanced Feature Creation Options->Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features menu item. This will create the point features in a new layer called User Created Features.

    Open the Overlay Control Center, select the User Created Features layer in the list, then right-click and choose Select All Features in the Selected Layer using the Digitizer Tool. Now, right-click on the main view and choose Attribute/Style Functions->Add Coordinate/Bounds Attributes to Selected Features. This will add two new attributes, X and Y, to each point feature.

    Go back to the Overlay Control Center, select User Create Features, and click the Options button. On the Vector Options window, under Set up Feature Label Display, choose Use Multiple Attributes for Name, then click the Setup... button. Use the Attribute Naming Setup dialog to pick the X and Y attributes, an attribute separator, and a prefix and suffix. Click OK on both the Attribute Naming Setup and Vector Options dialogs, and you should see the coordinate labels on your point features.
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