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Can't get terrain to line up with Irish OS tile.

Blooper Global Mapper User
I've bought an Irish OS 50m terrain mesh tile but it doesn't go far enough and I wanted to grab some extra area with GM. The default projection and datum was way off the OS tile so I changed projection to Transverse Mercator and Datum to Ireland '65 with '75 correction but it's still way off. I've played with UTM and Irish Grid projection too but nothings working.

The degree and minute co ordinates are fine but the cartesian ( ? - 6 figure x-y co ords) are off for placing it in autocad.

Would anyone know what Projection and datum are required to match an OS tile?

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  • Blooper
    Blooper Global Mapper User
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    OK for anyone suffering the same problem I've discovered that if you drag the txt file for the OS tile into GM it configures the space then you can load up the data around the tile and it should all fit.


  • Blooper
    Blooper Global Mapper User
    I should have added that I'm using SRTM Worldwide Elevation Data.
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