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Hi guys
When I create a pdf via the export pdf script command, the projection is not the same as the source layers.
Basically, I have a collection of shapefiles in State plane Pennsylvania south - Feet.
When I export the PDF, I get it in Meters.
no layers are using meters and no definition for this format exists in the template.
I do have a few text objects that appear as text labels which I see have a datum WGS84 and units set to Meters.
Could this be causing it?
Any help or advise is appreciated.


  • Jasmine_BMGJasmine_BMG BMG Staff Posts: 174
    Hi Gavin,

    I quickly exported to a GeoPDF using the State Plane, Pennsylvania South / NAD83 and was able to export to US Feet in Global Mapper v16.2.4 (b071515). What datum do you have selected in the Projection tab?

    Download for Global Mapper v16.2.4 (b071515): http://data.bluemarblegeo.com/downloads/global-mapper/dailybuilds/.

    Jasmine B.
    Application Support Specialist
    Blue Marble Geographics
  • GavinGavin Global Mapper User Posts: 6
    no luck, just upgraded from 16.2.0 to 16.2.4, same results.
    if i look at the projection in the source shapefiles, it says feet.
    when i look at the same dialog for the exported pdf, it now says meters.
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