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Working on multiple map projects at the same time, and on multiple collaborating computers.

The first problem is that, after saving to gmw, then take the whole working folder to another computer and reopen the gmw, the configuration is not resumed. Meaning gmw does not contain all the project configurations, not even the background color.

And similarly, after saving ProjectA to gmw, then use the same computer to work on ProjectB (with changing of configurations). After finishing work on ProjectB and reopen gmw of ProjectA, the original ProjectA configuration is not resumed (remained as ProjectB configuration).

Another problem is that, after saving the configuration to file, say Point style (with custom icons) to the configuration file PointA, then reload PointA on another computer, all custom icons are lost. Meaning custom icon is not saved inside the style configuration file.

Still another problem is that, after finishing works on ProjectA, then load the configuration file of ProjectB, say PointB style configuration, the settings of PointA still exist, and is not over-written by loading PointB style configuration. Seems that GM is assuming cumulative, and this cumulative assumption can interfer with multiple map projects. Some feature types of ProjectA may be the same as that of ProjectB, but their style setting may not necessary be the same.

Is there any simple way to overcome the above issues without re-import custom icons and re-configure every time when change project or computer?

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    I would choose to use a GM package file export in this case. Everything (formats, etc. included) will be contained in the package file (*.gmp). Look carefully at the options when exporting, like choosing "Always maintain feature styles". When opening the gmp file in GM on a different computer, everything should be there.


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    I am not very experienced but maybe the following:
    Sounds like you probably would know how to open the gmw in a text editor, but at any rate you can learn a lot if you examine its contents. Some of the things you save/refer to may be outside the project directory you take to the other computer, then those things cannot be referenced on the other computer. I am not sure, but as no one else is answering now... Regards Cameron
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    within the same computer, the loaded custom png icon/area can also be lost in the next session (even with loading of the saved custom style file). So it is not a matter of the file location reference. The custom icon/area png pointer is probably not saved inside the custom style file.
  • wmiswmwmiswm Global Mapper User Posts: 220Trusted User
    I notice that if two layers of the map use different code sets, the gmp output will be problematic. And, I am not very sure, raster layers of different projections will be stored base on tif, sometimes can be problematic.
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