Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 3

Hi there,

i did a tmLanguage file for Sublime Text 3 to have the GM Script syntax highlighted.
You can find it here:


  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Posts: 307
    Hey, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing that with us. Very useful.
  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    you are welcome ;)
    im still have to figure out some stuff with the regex to make it a little bit better. detecting a line break does not work right now. would be helpfull to detect if the \ is set correctly at the end of the line. also the parameter detecting troubles me because its not consistently written inside " ". But well just details ;)
  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    I added the EXPORT_WEB command and the related parameters.
  • RobertRRobertR GlobalMapper Fan! Posts: 284Trusted User
    Hey @zwnk !
    This is probably one the best thing this year on the forum. Cograts and many thanks.
    Maybe some highlighting for "RUN_COMMAND COMMAND_LINE" would be useful as I call other scripts from my gms one.

    All in all, really good stuff. Thank you again!
  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    edited August 2015
    Hi @RobertR
    i added the the RUN_COMMAND and the parameters. Just download the file from github and replace the old one.
    You are welcome.

    Generally spoken, if i missed a command, parameter or you found an error. fell free to contact me!

    I will have a look to add the syntax highlighting to to enable an easy way to install it.

  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    edited November 2015
    hi there,

    i will update the syntax file today. does somebody has contact with a guy of blue marble? 
    it would be nice to get a list that includes all commands an parameters. copying and cleaning the text from the oficial scripting guide is always so boring. ;)
    especally the available parameters in just one list would be great.

  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    i updated alot of stuff. have fun!
  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    edited November 2015
    New Update

    I created also a syntax highlighting for Atom! for the people that like free editors. ;)

    Sublime Text:

    --> copy the files to c:\Users\"yourusername"\.atom\packages\gm-script\

    Is it possible for an administrator to change the title and add both links to the main post?

    P.S.: i will update the Sublime Text 3 to the JSON format,  the same ATOM is using, at github.
  • falqnfalqn Global Mapper User Posts: 122Trusted User
    Great job zwnk! Thanks!
  • zwnkzwnk Posts: 8
    Sublime Text 3:



    That will be the last editor for me to support ;)
  • KatrinaKatrina Posts: 22
    In notepad++ you can go to Language menu> Define your language, and import the provided XML. Thanks for maintaining these. 
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