How to import labeled points in order to link them and create an area ?

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I am trying to create an area from the points that I load to global mapper. So I must know the order of the points to link them. Is there any way to see their order? Or, is it possible to see the labels that I entered in the first column of the point .txt file?


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    are the points arranged in sequence? if yes, you could create a polygonal area from them
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    There are a lot of picky details here, so I'll start (almost) from scratch.

    If your file contains labels in the first column, then you should have imported the file with the "Fields to Skip at Start of Line" set to 1, assuming your coordinates are in fields 2 and 3. And you should be seeing your points properly located (assuming that Tools | Status Bar is turned on, and you are seeing appropriate coordinates at the bottom of the screen as you move the cursor around).

    Open the Layer Control Center.
    (Alt-C) or (file toolbar, fifth icon) or (Tools | Control Center)

    Double-click your layer for the points file
    (or select it and click the Options button).

    On the Feature Types tab,
    select "Use Selected Attribute Value for Name",
    and select the column header for your first column.
    * This assumes that the first row of your file has column headers.
    * If it does not have a header row, but you did check the "Include attributes ..." column when importing the file, then your choices will include attributes like "ATTR_1" for the first column.
    * If it does not have a header row, and you did not check the "Include attributes ..." option when you imported your data file, then you won't have any useful options that I can see.

    Check "Display Labels ..." and click "Apply", then "OK" to exit the dialog.

    Your labels should be displayed.
    You can change the style of the labels in the Options dialog
    on the Point Styles tab, "Use Same Style for All Features".
    The "Select Point Symbol" dialog opens, then click "Font...".
    You may need to check "Always Display Label ...".

    If your file does not have a header row, you may want to develop a habit of including one. It is good documentation, and helps in several places in Global Mapper.

    I normally create files with coordinates first, and attribute columns following. But I usually create data files in a spreadsheet so it is easy to move columns around, then copy the data directly to a text file (becoming tab-delimited).

    Creating an area feature from these points is another subject.
    Your points may have characteristics that require different approaches.
    You CAN import your file multiple times, clicking NO to bypass the alert about duplicate files, and choose different options. I normally import a file twice, once to display points, and second to display lines.

    This may not be the best way
    (I don't usually create areas; this is the easiest of a couple ways I found):
    Import your file as a line.
    Click on the line to select it.
    Right-click, select "Create Area/Polygon Features", then
    "Create New Area Feature(s)..."

    Have fun,
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